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Monday, 30 March 2020

Vintage Radio like it should be

Radio Retro Vintage Wireless

Great News! Radio Retro is Bang on Schedule

Listen your day away with RadioRetro.co.uk

The team at RadioRetro.co.uk has been busy behind the scenes putting in place the infrastructure for a September launch. Due to a great deal of hard work, things have gone better than planned, and we are waiting on just one more PC to go through its paces.

RadioRetro.co.uk will be bringing a whole new open-source archive to the airwaves for your listening pleasure going as far back as the 1920s and then a huge long jump to the late 1950s and possibly beyond.


Radio Retro

We currently have servers completing their final trials prior to test streams commencing later part of September. This will add a faster and more robust studio to our current network allowing for easier essential maintenance.

Get Involved With Radio

RadioRetro.co.uk is a not for profit, advertisement-free Radio Station run by volunteers and we survive entirely on listener donations or fundraising with outside events. Operating a Radio Station takes a number of skillsets from presenting to graphic design and we are always looking for volunteers to join a friendly proactive team.


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